California Perfomance Transmission
The REAL Art Carr CPT 200 4R transmission

The factory Fourth gear apply clutch uses only two clutches, so CPT increases that to three (a 50 percent increase in surface area) and also uses stronger Red Eagle clutch material along with Kolene steel separator plates. This additional holding power makes the transmission more durable, especially when shifting into Overdrive at a wide-open throttle.

CPT also builds a billet servo valve (right) with a larger surface area to move more fluid to the Second-gear band apply for a firmer shift into Second gear.

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Build a TH200-4R for 1,000 HP

Art Carr loves the GM 700-R4 overdrive automatic as much as the next guy. The problem is, the stock stuff tends to blow up when subjected to real power. That's why he's a huge supporter of the 200-4R overdrive automatic. Blessed by GM's Hydramatic Division with supersior guts, it only takes a few well-chosen tweaks to make a 200-4R live behind as much as 1000hp. (more)

Bulletproofing the 200-R4

When it comes to GM performance automatic overdrive transmissions, most discussions center around the TH700-R4. While this four-speed auto has its merits, the TH200-4R offers equal if not greater strength with a slightly different set of ratios. In fact, long-time expert Art Carr believes the TH200-4R is potentially a far better performance automatic. (more)

SHIFTING FORWARD - Art Carr Upgrades from 3 Speeds to Four.

Art Carr has been in the performance transmission business for more than six decades. Trannys produced from his California Performance Transmission shop in Huntington Beach have been used in virtually every type of application – from wicked street machines to full-on race vehicles for every form of off-road competition. Recently, ChevyMaX had the opportunity to tag along as pro’s at his shop swapped the Turbo400 in a sweet little ‘67 Chevelle SS for one of Art's beefed up 2004R transmissions. (The Full Story)

Overdriveability - Bolt a TH200-4R Into Your Musclecar

The concept of an Overdrive gear--a ratio numerically lower than 1:1--is hardly high-tech, but nevertheless, it wasn't often a part of passenger-car transmissions until the mid '80s. That puts the overdrive era well out of the prime musclecar years, but that doesn't mean it's out of reach. (more)
The original Art Carr As seen on TLC’s  Overhaulin'

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